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overpass - Re: [overpass] Setup question

Subject: Overpass API developpement

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Re: [overpass] Setup question

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  • From: Roland Olbricht <>
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  • Subject: Re: [overpass] Setup question
  • Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2016 15:33:35 +0100


in general it would be a courtesy to non-German speakers to use English on this list. The mails from this list are archived and may later readers help to get problems solved.

> Ich bin nach dieser Anleitung vorgegangen:

thank you for the link. I was not aware that there is a document claiming to be an installation guide. It turns out that it is quite outdated. The official and hopefully up-to-date version is here:

> Ich bin dabei, eine Overpass Instanz für lokale Queries hochzuziehen.
> Einen Planet habe ich installiert (Version 27.10.). Das Einspielen hat
> ca. 36h gedauert. Aktuell spiele ich hourly diffs ein, das dauert mir
> irgendwie zu lange. Nach 12h ist er immer noch bei den ersten 22 diffs.

I recommend to set up a database by cloning. If you want to use the planet.osm files then you have to figure out the right diff id from hand. The switch from 0.7.52 to 0.7.53 had affected the cloning process (as in: "wrong filename in crontab"), and I'm now making an up-to-date clone by hand. It should be available tomorrow morning.

The two last planet files are

The planet-latest is a convenience link to that latest version (here from 2016-10-31). You can check that both have the same md5. It is highly unlikely that another planet.osm file from a third party exists, no matter what date the file is. Usually, the planet.osm files are just copied from to the mirrors. The file date might have been altered during copy to the mirror server.

Usually, the update starts some time after midnight of that date. Hence, the relevant hourly ids from their state files are:

36233 for the 2016-10-31 planet
36065 for the 2016-10-24 planet

I recommend to use minute diffs instead. After parsing in update_from_dir, minute diffs and hourly diffs go through the same process, hence there is not much runtime gain to expect.

- Des weiteren hat er im db-Verzeichnis eine Menge shadow-Dateien, die
alle root gehören. (Das Einspielen läuft als normaler User). Könnte
evtl. vom Dispatcher kommen, der als root läuft?

Yes. No process of Overpass API should be run as root. This is just an unnecessary security risk. Running some as root is likely to produce file permission trouble.

> War es vielleicht ein Fehler die Option "inkl. Metadaten" zu verwenden? Dauert es deshalb so lange?

I won't call it a mistake. But indeed, using meta data makes process times two to three times longer, because much more data has to be processed.

Best regards,

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