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Re: [overpass] Segmentation fault (core dumped) when trying to start dispatcher

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  • From: Roland Olbricht < >
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  • Subject: Re: [overpass] Segmentation fault (core dumped) when trying to start dispatcher
  • Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2019 09:20:50 +0100

Hi Brian,

I'm sorry for the late answer.

We are transitioning off using http://overpass-api.de/api/map?bbox={bounding
box cords} and I am now using
http://my-ip/api/interpreter?node({bbox_coords});out body;
We get different results but I haven't been able to pick apart the response
just yet to figure out whats different (only the end result). Do you know
what the different would be? Essentially we want to get all features within a
bounding box, would node({bbox_coords});out body; be the right query for that?

Most likely, it is the wrong query. It only fetches features mapped as
nodes. Features can be mapped as ways or relations as well.

Please note that http://my-ip/api/map?bbox={bounding box cords}
is highly likely to just work. If you want to use /api/interpreter
then I suggest using
http://my-ip/api/interpreter?nwr({bbox_coords});out center;

The documentation has more details:

explains what the map API call actually does.

lists various approaches to get the full data including geometry.

Please note also that the order of coordinates changes between the map
API call and the QL queries (the map API call has lon-lat for historic
reasons, the standard is lat-lon).

Best regards,

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