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overpass - Re: [overpass] Re: attic errors

Subject: Overpass API developpement

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Re: [overpass] Re: attic errors

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  • From: Roland Olbricht <>
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  • Subject: Re: [overpass] Re: attic errors
  • Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 21:15:04 +0100

Hi all,

In the log file there's also a number of interesting messages:
To me it looks like the deleted node in Feb 2012 somehow confuses the
update process to think the node is already gone - even for an earlier
point in time.

Thank you for figuring this out. I can now easily explain the missing rest: The file isn't strictly consistent. The way 25022705 should either have been deleted in 2012, the node 272062486 should have been dropped from the way before, or the node 272062486 should not have been deleted at all in 2012.

I've not checked all the error messages, but at least this trait of the osc file triggers the misbehaviour.

In any case, it would be good to fix the osc file. And this is a bug to be fixed in update_database. It should treat the case in a less destructive way, e.g. implicitly delete the way or drop the node from the way.

I cannot really imagine that there's a missing time comparison
somewhere. On the other hand, with minutely diffs being processed in the
'normal' setup, this case may be quite unlikely and may not have turned
up so far.

The main API enforces this consistency condition: you cannot delete a node if there is still a way or relation referring to that node.

Best regards,


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