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Re: [overpass] compressed database info

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  • From: Donal Diamond <donal.diamond@gmail.com>
  • To: overpass@listes.openstreetmap.fr
  • Subject: Re: [overpass] compressed database info
  • Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 08:59:51 +0000

On 27 February 2015 at 19:38, Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht@gmx.de> wrote:

It revealed that the nodes.map is for smaller installations really the showstopper. The file has for all subsets of the OSM data roughly the same total size, and I decided that the 8 GB are of minor important from the perspective of the world database.

After reconsidering the issue, I think it is possible to add code to do the compression on the nodes.map file as well. The two possibilities are that I either do that myself, which may takt until at least end of March because I have scheduled FOSSGIS preparations and the server move right now.

I size of the map files is an issue on small country extract installations.

When transferring some files between hosts, I noticed the map files when compressed have a major size difference.

20M     nodes.map.gz        vs  8.2G    nodes.map
3.4M    ways.map.gz         vs 1.3G    ways.map
136K    relations.map.gz    vs 22M     relations.map

Do you still think it is worthwhile to at least optionally having compressed map files?

I'd happily trade off any latency increases for significant space savings.


Or somebody else will adopt the code from the .bin file storage. I'll do my best to help and then merge the result immeidately into the backend_compression branch.

Best regards,


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