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overpass - [overpass] Re: Where is bin/

Subject: Overpass API developpement

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[overpass] Re: Where is bin/

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  • From: Malcolm Herring <>
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  • Subject: [overpass] Re: Where is bin/
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 23:23:18 +0100

On 09/06/2015 18:55, mmd wrote:
uint32 get_block_size() const { return block_size; }
uint32 get_max_size() const { return 1; }
uint32 get_compression_method() const { return File_Blocks_Index<

OK, made that change, built it, downloaded planet & ran update_database. Then I tried to start dispatcher, but got this:

imac:osm-3s_v0.7.52 mherring$ bin/dispatcher --osm-base --meta --db-dir="db"
File_Error No such file or directory 2 /Users/mherring/osm-3s_v0.7.52/db//osm3s_v0.7.52_osm_base Dispatcher_Server::8

DB directory:

imac:osm-3s_v0.7.52 mherring$ ls db
node_keys.bin relation_tags_global.bin relations_meta.bin.idx way_tags_global.bin.idx
node_keys.bin.idx nodes_meta.bin relation_tags_global.bin.idx transactions.log way_tags_local.bin
node_tags_global.bin nodes_meta.bin.idx relation_tags_local.bin user_data.bin way_tags_local.bin.idx
node_tags_global.bin.idx osm3s_v0.7.52_osm_bas relation_tags_local.bin.idx user_data.bin.idx ways.bin
node_tags_local.bin osm_base_version relations.bin user_indices.bin ways.bin.idx
node_tags_local.bin.idx relation_keys.bin relations.bin.idx user_indices.bin.idx
nodes.bin relation_keys.bin.idx way_keys.bin
nodes.bin.idx relation_roles.bin way_keys.bin.idx ways_meta.bin relation_roles.bin.idx relations_meta.bin way_tags_global.bin ways_meta.bin.idx

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