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Re: [overpass] Extend overpass-turbo GUI with copy link as PermanentID?

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  • From: Roland Olbricht < >
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  • Subject: Re: [overpass] Extend overpass-turbo GUI with copy link as PermanentID?
  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2018 19:30:27 +0200

Dear Stefan,

What do you think about extending the overpass-turbo GUI with a copy
link as PermanentID [1]?
So; given a query entered at overpass-turbo until it "works", one
could go to "Export > Query" and could get a PermanentID link?

Thank you for the suggestion.

[...] trying to make a pull request).

And for the implementation as well, if this is already done.

I'm not yet sure whether I understand the precise request. What works right now is:

a) You can use the share button in Overpass Turbo.
This produces a short link. That link will work until the link database of Overpass Turbo goes out of service. It will always refer to the query.

b) You can use the button export then tab query, to OSM wiki link.
This allow you to use a page in the wiki as place for the storage.

c) You can get the raw query, via export button then tab data, raw query. If you restate that with "[out:custom];" in front then the Permanent-ID mechanism is involved. No link database neede. The (without question longish) link works directly from where you drop it.

In particular, the concept of the Permanent Id is to link almost always to a single object; the disambiguation page is only intended as mechanism to fail gracefully. Overpass Turbo is not at all involved in the original and existing mechaism.

That said, a couple of intents are imaginable:

1. Replace the disambiguation page with a landing in Overpass Turbo. That is definetly more useful. The difficult task is to deliver a helpful landing page design in Overpass Turbo.

3. Get some kind of export that directly produces a link usable from a web page.

3. Get some kind of export that directly produces something to copy to the wiki. This is mostly tricky because it involves templates, and templates are a infamous feature to many wiki activists at the moment.

Best regards,


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