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Re: [overpass] Error while search with area in own overpass api server

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  • From: Roland Olbricht < >
  • To: Karthikeyan Thangavel < >
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  • Subject: Re: [overpass] Error while search with area in own overpass api server
  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 17:42:29 +0200


Right now both the dispatcher(--osm-base and --areas) are working fine.

Right now in my server these all are running in my server

Looks good so far.

I'm not sure what the first columns are. The usual command variant is "ps -ef" because it includes the PIDs of the parent processes. However, the command lines at the end of each line make sense.

2. Will the area query will work only once the
/home/osm-3s_v0.7.53/bin/rules_loop.sh and /osm3s_query --progress
--rules completed ?

Yes. The area queries will work after the first complete loop of rules_loop.sh.

The most convenient way is probably to look whether "ps -ef" yields different starting times for rules_loop.sh and osm3s_query --rules.

3. Should i install OSM/overpass API as user other than root?

Yes, please. In general, only software that has an important reason to do so should run as root.

Overpass API is designed such that even the server processes and the clients that pose queries can be run by different users. Usually,
- dispatcher, apply_osc_to_db and rules_loop run as one normal user
- interpreter is called through a web server and can run as www-data

4. Any other installations to be done in-order to get the area query
working ?

No, these should be all. If you want updtes then you need apply_osc_to_db.sh and fetch_osc.sh. Otherwise, you could stop the areas update loop after the first run because it does not have any addtional benefit.

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