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overpass - [overpass] Re: compressed database info

Subject: Overpass API developpement

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[overpass] Re: compressed database info

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  • From: mmd <>
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  • Subject: [overpass] Re: compressed database info
  • Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 19:50:59 +0200

Am 05.05.2015 um 21:46 schrieb Roland Olbricht:
> Hi,

>> I'm pretty sure this is related to the diff file issue described in
> Yes, precisely. The other bas news are that the database is now
> seriously damaged and the only useful way to get out of this is to
> rebuild that database.
> I've just replaced the broken diff with the now correct one. Hence,
> re-running the database should work now.

Ok, great. I've deployed my branch test754 [1] on the dev instance and
it happily applied around 50 days of minutely diff updates.

Current status is at:

Everyone is very welcomed to do some testing on this branch and report
back any issues you may come across. For this purpose you'd need to
change your current server in overpass turbo underneath Settings -->
General Settings --> Server to the following URL:

Branch test754 is basically Roland's latest master branch with a number
of additional changes merged:

* compression for map files

* performance fixes:
- lz4 compression instead of zlib to reduce CPU consumption
- around statement with bounding box check as a pre-step.
- further fixes to reduce CPU consumption

* a new statement 'complete' to follow ways or find unconnected
parts of railway/waterway systems (as an example).

* PCRE (Perl compatible regular expression) support for regexes

* and a number of smaller bug fixes:
- case insensitive regex matching
- bbox queries returning ways with 1 node
- validation checks for polygon statement

If you're interested, you can also take a look at the pull requests [2]
and related Github issues. Usually they contain a very detailed
description along with some test cases. I will post some more details
what is included in this branch soon.

A bit of a heads up: None of these fixes have been reviewed by Roland
yet, so expect some issues here and there.

Note that the dev box runs on Hard disks, unlike both production server,
which are served by much faster SSDs. When comparing query response
times, simply run each query at least twice...


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