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overpass - [overpass] Overpass API patch release

Subject: Overpass API developpement

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[overpass] Overpass API patch release

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  • From: Roland Olbricht <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: [overpass] Overpass API patch release
  • Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022 21:40:46 +0100
  • Ui-outboundreport: notjunk:1;M01:P0:JqwlmyqU9ao=;q7zilPav0t+qDIhTsNFrO4HRF13 PD9A+BX4LRJyM8+K/o/MqYq+odrucObaAGgLefNuHwnG1TSsa6thNcUd4unVEUDsGqtzYqZZX Q+sAW+66GGE46i1GXpzOU2aVnK78i+IQ2ly9He63fQE5leZqu3IaQl2rq2Ljuw/XUpxnVtgmt 6FGz/bMWKF50aHpQkdOiV9j58zcJSwCSd8gbe+H701ANmJOq/oV7jAd7SJR/loH+iNUi4E83j +eWOV5LAY6q/kkjmsjVmAFIOrF//zBoian5b3t7v20UDUburP7Xek4fDzS5ft3hl+qJxbNTle ekof1djvTDZO+XePG+UF9pz4snJePX/QayrmvGrwkz4yNdDg1MLFItsZsZoqBl3qjFj2Rzecy N/RG+8vgNKGEbqb+iEzXRMr0erYejg1el0YoFSMub2suzChw6vTJ34lMV3VNIhhKJHKk1PCEy KXpMwmNnOyQSPfIgpP5aZf1gb7HHc8DqbzKruQYpYyMmm/vpZJ9WTVZiIHOgolDYAERsExLdy hscYIQDcw+OCDg6yJhIV675JwNtN212RDnCZ6Jf9DhvWnkUOhfQSRoLdy0TMS5Ams3fygRQ7Z DugR1K6PCcyAWNVLQr7Jrs4den8vSB8dM5iwMigKHM1f6SZb5Sn5bxqpT4WJQ/K1Nbl06UCVE 8v6LuLdxpeBmZSDj7OInqGeR6la/oHEgxhThH1pjbm/0aERYcm7byfJ18lys4PqCrd1+vBiv0 9F/jwPB6H7jTOpsBJnDOkttheehgnCWYQ4RJCjU4GhLXKwNmjAH6UbuuVjAqe7ov+4t6IOI3v zAq9L2CkrAWUWMqhlJ5Drkj0R2RRFl8+c5a7ByseiT/sUupshNpQAcucqyHubjR0MjRmj5tv7 pSFb+1VRJXrebFEf+zjsby2qPZQszeL/KwXSfpaRYpYqiLGk57cyVd5cY6SF1ha4RE8Ptw6x7 2JODkA==

Hi all,

a performance regression for 0.7.59 has been observed on systems that
are disk bound. The root cause for this is that the exchange of mmap(..)
for read(..) triggers different caching strategies by the OS. As
mmap(..) at the same time elides the copy from kernelspace to userspace
of all raw data, it does improve the performance on all CPU bound
systems (like the public default instances).

By an A/B testing it turned out that the disk usage can be restored to
usual patterns and still the memory copy can be avoided, getting the
best for both scenarios (disk bound as well as CPU bound) with the
syscall posix_madvise. This is what delivers. If you run an
instance that is disk bound then I suggest to install that patch soon.



  • [overpass] Overpass API patch release, Roland Olbricht, 11/04/2022

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