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[overpass] Should my Overpass server always be using 100% CPU?

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  • From: "James Chevalier" < >
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  • Subject: [overpass] Should my Overpass server always be using 100% CPU?
  • Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2019 17:50:18 +0000

I've recently created my own Overpass server on an m5.large EC2 instance in
(2 vCPU, 8GB Memory). It's continually at 100% CPU usage, and I'm wondering if
that's normal or if I should be using a larger EC2 instance or if something
isn't working properly. I'm about to run many queries against this server for
thousands of city's street data, so I want to make sure it's as healthy as

Truncated output of top:
99.0 65.2 953:11.45 ./osm3s_query --progress --rules
73.4 1.1 0:20.51 ./update_from_dir --osc-dir=/tmp/osm-3s_update_O9Zfhz --
version=2019-09-06T17\:32\:01Z --meta --flush-size=0

Contents of my rules_loop.log file:
2019-09-04 00:41:05: update started
2019-09-05 00:42:02: update finished
2019-09-05 00:42:05: update started
2019-09-06 00:43:12: update finished
2019-09-06 00:43:15: update started

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